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Systematic investing through empirical research

Vimaana Capital develops systematic investment strategies and invests across multiple asset classes in global markets. 


Founded and based out of Singapore, we focus on creating active quantitative strategies through rigorous financial markets research and data analysis.


Our approach to investing

Our investment philosophy is firmly rooted in detailed empirical research on the behaviour of financial markets.

We deploy our capital on our active strategy platform to deliver robust absolute returns and to establish a transparent investment track-record.

We also target to direct our research through academic collaborations with leading universities in Singapore via student projects in quant finance.

Vimaana derives its name from "vimaanam" - the tall structure seen towering over the sanctum sanctorum in the ancient temples of South India.

The vimaanam is a stepped pyramid that rises up geometrically towards the "shikhara" (Sanskrit: peak).

Likewise, we aspire to scale the peak of systematic investing through rigorous empirical research, innovative strategies & robust risk management



Vimaana Capital Pte Ltd

30 Cecil Street

#19-08 Prudential Tower

Singapore 049712


Please contact us if you would like further information about us.

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